Can I Pole Dance?


By Lyndall Ryan

16th February 2021

Once upon a time…

there was an, unfit, uncoordinated, self-conscience 37-year old whose friends wanted her to do pole dancing with them. This, she thought to herself, would be a waste of money, time, and would leave her feeling more self-conscience than ever. Previous fitness class experience was minimal but included – facing the wrong way, consistently, in step class, and almost passing out in a circuit class because she didn’t realise you could adjust the weights from the last person (insert eye roll).

‘Bit of an idiot maybe?” I hear you ask.

Well, could be. She did almost burn her house down once drying her clothes in the microwave. Forgot the two-minute rule. Saved the house, but melted the arse out of the active wear shorts that were in the microwave. Oops!

Under duress, and more than a little anxious, off she went with her friends to pole dancing.

Two years later, she’d completed every available pole course, and had attended hundreds of dance fitness classes. She’d become a qualified fitness instructor, and was instructing numerous pole courses and classes each week. She was fitter, stronger, and more empowered than she’d ever been. Unfortunately, you can’t always lose the "unco" thing completely. She was still a bit of a gumby, but that didn’t stop her.

Yep, that was me, and that’s my pole dance story. If I could do it, anyone can do it.

Pole moves can be modified to suit you.

Pole dance classes and courses are such a fun, SOOO much fun, extremely beneficial form of fitness. Pole dance fitness doesn’t care about your age, level of fitness, strength, if you’re petite of not. It’s not biased or judgemental, and neither is anyone at the Champagne Dance Fitness studio – instructors or current students. Everyone has started at the beginning. The studio will adapt moves in their Pole classes and courses to suit YOU. The team at Champagne Dance Fitness work right along with you, making sure you safely have fun. They’ll help you gain strength, stamina, and confidence as you progress. We’ve all had that inner critic telling us we can’t do things. That voice certainly lives in my head a lot. You know what I’ve found? The best way to shut that voice up is to go for it and have a crack.

So, let’s address some of those common “inner critic” voices:

Too old - Bullshit ☺ Not a thing with pole dance fitness, and many other things as well. There have been 70 and 80-year-old women attend classes/courses at the studio – and they’ve had a ball too. As a middle-aged woman myself, apparently, and chronologically not mentally, I love to stick it up age, so do it for me. It’s not all about you, hahaha.

Too unfit - Noooo. Also not a thing. As mentioned, I took up pole dance fitness as an unfit 37-year-old. Didn’t die. Had way too much fun for that. While the fitness didn’t improve over night, it certainly improved within a few weeks with consistent attendance. It got to the level where I could become an instructor! I was extremely entertaining too. Maybe don’t fact check me on that one.

Not strong - So, we all have different base levels of strength. We aren’t all born with the strength of Thor – unfortunately. Can we increase our strength though? Yep, we sure can. Strength will increase progressively as you work through the pole courses or attend classes regularly. You will notice muscle tone and strength improvements in a matter of weeks.

Not petite - Pole dance fitness isn’t limited to those who are petite, at all. There have been many women over the years express concern they wouldn’t be able to achieve anything on the pole because of their size. These same people have gone on and achieved so much, and had an absolute blast as well.

You will have fun!

I can still hear some inner critic voices sneaking around out there. I believe I heard something about not feeling comfortable heading to the studio alone.

Let me list some of the expressions that encompass the heart of the studio:

A safe space












But don’t take my word, well words really, for it. Head in and see for yourself. You will have a blast! Check out the home page, or head to the services tab to make a booking and get your pole on! LET YOUR AWESOME OUT TO PLAY!

Next time we’ll have a look at the physical and mental benefits of fitness. SOOOOO many benefits!

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