2016 NT Telstra Micro Business Award WINNERS !!!

The Champagne Dance Fitness Studio Team is very PROUD of this achievement !!!!


Acceptance Speech ❤️


Totally unexpected – I felt we won just by being nominated.

Firstly I would like to thank the Telstra Business Awards Team, having no idea of the process; the team was so encouraging and motivating, helpful and professional from the start.

The process which was totally unknown to me was such a confidence booster. When I received the return report it confirmed that I was on target with my strengths and weaknesses which was comforting.

Starting with my thankyou’s - to my children David, Racquel and Tristan who have stood by me and supported my passion of Women’s Fitness they have unknowingly given me strength to continue in times I thought I couldn’t.

My dear friend, being my Sister from another Mister, Lyndall, she has been with me every single step of the way through the good times, bad times and sad times with support that most people would never ever experience in their lifetime.

To my past and present staff, whom I consider my family for their ongoing dedication, passion and for putting up with my strengths and weaknesses and for having so much faith in what the business stands for.

The business Champagne Dance Fitness Studio specialises in alternative fitness for women. It is fitness the fun way.

Our classes and courses are designed by women for women of all ages and all fitness levels.

Our staff are qualified fitness professionals that undertake ongoing training to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment for all students.

We encourage, support and motivate each student to increase their health, fitness, wellbeing, together with their confidence. We pride ourselves on helping women to achieve things that they perhaps thought they could not.

Such benefits for women are: Physical, emotional, friendships, belonging, encouragement, motivation and its never boring.

My business came from my own personal experience of being diagnosed with PTSD in 2006/07 and wanting to alleviate symptoms by the use of fitness but in an environment whereby I felt safe, included, encourage and motivated. That’s when I first experienced Pole Dancing for fitness. Pole dancing is a full body workout that includes strength, cardio, resistance and flexibility training in one and its heaps of fun with great emotional benefits.

During this journey in 2008 I decided to purchase a premises with the intent of opening a Dance Fitness Studio for women in Palmerston that included Pole Dancing, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Dance Fitness Classes, Barre Classes, Flexibility Classes and even an outdoors Women’s Bootcamp.

February 2009 saw the opening of the Studio, business went well and our reputation grew rapidly, however we were not very tech savvy back then, but we still made it happen.

An important part of our business is to give back to our community in supporting local people and charities, our journey has seen Champagne Fitness grant wishes for one of our beloved Students Candice Clarke, support the Heart Foundation, and most recently our 2016 chosen charity is “Dawn House” we do this by holding showcases whereby students can share their new found passion and achievements with their friends and family.

When time permits we also get involved and support government events such as Activate NT and October Business Month.

2010 a personal tragedy hit, I lost my eldest son David in an accident 3 months before his 21st birthday, as you can imagine my life was turned upside down, my staff, friends and students continued to run and support the Studio allowing me the time I needed, that support was insurmountable and overwhelming to me, these women gave me the strength and purpose to continue with this journey.

2012 we rebranded at a time when 24/7 gym’s were the place to be, we survived yet again.

Since rebranding we have increased our tech savvy skills, with an online booking system etc which means we can get right into what we love and the admin side of our business can be done remotely. We have since grown with our social media now having facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube with everything linked.

We have had over 4000 ladies through our doors which include a 78 year old Italian woman who completed Level 1 in Pole and also enjoyed studio social events with us. Also a young girl of 13 who attended with her mother initially, whom over the years we have seen grow into a fine young lady completing school, getting her license to drive and is now attending University interstate.

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