Cheeky Chair

STARTING Thursday 24th September at 7pm.

Cheeky Chair, is a chair/lap dance inspired class where you can let your hair out and embrace your cheeky side. Suitable for all levels of dance, including beginners. This class will focus on chair as well as floor based moves. In the hour allocated time, you will be taught a routine, the basics of chair/lap dance, floorwork and more! This class is done in bare feet and knee pads are strongly recommended!

Floor & Flow

STARTING 1st October at 7pm.

For our Halloween showcase we are going to be including a Floor & Flow routine! The theme is 'Jungle Madness'. Floor & Flow will still be running fortnightly but we are going to be dancing to a whole song and take our time to really refine our moves and technique! The song will be taught over 3 weeks.

As the theme is Jungle Madness please feel free to dress up in some form of animal print, camo etc!

Kneepads are highly recommended, heels optional.

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Champagne Dance Fitness Studio is a Women's Only Venue

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