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Champagne Dance Fitness Studio is a Women's Only Venue

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Changing my way of thinking from weight-loss to fitness after the birth of my third child allowed me to achieve the results, I had hoped for and this is where my passion for fitness began.
I was initially a student at Champagne Pole Dance Fitness Studio six months after it opened. 
From the moment I walked in, I felt so welcomed and at home, there is no judgement and it is a place where you can really be yourself and let your hair down, have fun, get fit and meet so many amazing women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds with their own stories to tell.
I completed AerialPOLE courses and that is what opened my eyes to the amazing things our bodies are truly capable of with the right mindset and support.
Being given the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Fitness and become part of theTeam has been awesome journey. I now instruct a range of classes including BarreFIT, DanceFITand AerialPOLE 1+2.
I love having the opportunity to motivate, encourage and share my passion for fitness with other women.
I am a born and bred Territorian, mother of 3, and studying my Bachelor of Midwifery.


Fun Fact: I have no dance background, except for training by vodka on a Friday and Saturday nights.


I found dance throughout my time at school and I love dancing!

My dance experience includes Contemporary, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Swing and Modern Dance.

I first fell in love with Pole Dancing at 15 years of age and so wanted to attend classes, however I was afraid that, I was too young or that I might be judged. After completing school, I no longer felt that way and joined Champagne Dance Fitness Studio in early 2015. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!!

I felt so welcomed at the Studio and I one spin and I was hooked! I have completed all levels on offer for pole and then became a Pole Instructor!

Attending Champagne Dance Fitness Studio has changed my life for the better. I'm glad to have found such an amazing environment where I can be 'myself'.


I now proudly possess the NTPDFC 2017 - Crowd - Pleaser Title.


I have always possessed an interest in fitness and health. (After-all, I am my own best experiment!) 
My personal achievements have included, but are not limited to, outrigger canoeing, body sculpting, running a half-marathon, and spending eight months living and training at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand.
In 2013 I started Poling - it was completely different to anything I had done before and I loved it.  I liked that it was a "womens-only space" and a supportive and nurturing environment.
Being relatively new to Darwin at the time,  it enabled me to meet people and make friends.
Four years later, I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor, a qualified Metafit Coach and I hold an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition.
I gain joy from seeing women achieve things they didn’t think was possible, such as, gaining strength, losing weight, and glowing with confidence. 
I love instructing because it keeps me accountable. It keeps me exercising and showing up every week because I know ladies are counting on me to be there. Even at 6am!
Besides instructing, I am also very active in the Admin & Web Marketing for the Studio as I want to share my passion to as many women as I can.  

Fun fact:  I was born in Samoa and have lived in ten countries.