Floor and Flow (60 Minutes) Learn Exotic Pole Routines & Techniques


Floor and Flow is a class for our current and past students who would like to learn more about Exotic Flow Styles and Techniques.

Each week includes a new routine, incorporating many different dance styles like Russian Exotic, Hip-Hop, Contemporary etc.

Classes run every Second Thursday Night at 7:00


Please note “Bookings are Essential”


Classes $35 (Casual Visit)

AerialJAM (60 Minutes) Practice and Refine Your Pole Moves


AerialJAM is a class for our current and past AerialPOLE and AerialSILKS students to independently practice and refine their pole and silks moves learnt in the Studio.


AerialJAM is a fantastic opportunity to have more time on the pole to focus on refining moves. This class will compliment your AerialPOLE and AerialSILKS course.


NEW Students to the Studio are also welcome after a "one-on-one" 30 minute assessment is conducted. (Please contact us to arrange!!)


Please note “Bookings are Essential”


Classes $16 (Casual Visit)

DanceFLEX (60 minutes) Our Dance Aerobics & Stretch Class​


An energetic, upbeat dance aerobics class that will pleasure your mind body and soul whilst burning an abundance of calories!!!


After an intense session of mixed cardio and strength we will turn our focus to stretching and improving our flexibility
with a session of flexibility training which will focus on splits, back & shoulder flexibility.


Come find your inner spark of confidence and feel like a new woman who loves to have fun……this class is FUN and will have you achieving many fitness benefits whilst having the time of your life!


Please note “Bookings are Essential”


Classes $16 (Casual Visit)

Cancellation Policy


Champagne Dance Fitness Studio is a Women's Only Venue

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