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Champagne Dance Fitness Studio is a Women's Only Venue

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Level 1 (Beginners) 

So you're new to pole? Always wanted to try out pole dancing but weren't sure if you could? Level 1 is the perfect start to your pole journey! We will teach you how to strut around the pole with confidence and you'll be spinning away! Suitable for all fitness types! Join us today ♥

Level 3 (Intermediate)

Level 3 (Intermediate)

By now you're OBSESSED with pole dancing! You can confidently invert and holding inverted tricks are a breeze. You've also gained strength and stamina as well! YAY! In level 3 you will learn MORE inverted tricks, and also learn tricks that involve strength including the butterfly and layback. ♥

Prerequisite: Completion of level 2 or assessment by a Champagne Fitness Instructor.

Level 2


By this time you'll be spinning away and loving pole, but now it's time to go UPSIDE DOWN! You'll learn how to invert on the pole, and learn some inverted tricks, including the outside leg hang and helicopter. Woo go you! ♥

Prerequisite: Completion of level 1 or assessment by a Champagne Fitness Instructor.

Level 4 (Pre-advanced)

Level 4 (Pre-advanced)

Ok, so you've been pole dancing for a while now and you live and breathe pole. By now you've gained lots of strength and can confidently invert and hold tricks for extended periods of time. In level 4 you will learn how to be a SUPERWOMAN, develop new skills and learn awesome strength tricks including the ayesha and shoulder mount. ♥

Prerequisite: Completion of level 3 or assessment by a Champagne Fitness Instructor.

Level 5 (Advanced)

Level 5 (Advanced)

We get it, YOU LOVE TO POLE! We do too! By now you're a pole dancing machine and can hold an ayesha confidently. In level 5 you will be learning lots of awesome tricks that will require strength and flexibility, including the jade split and handspring. ♥

Prerequisite: Completion of level 4 or assessment by a Champagne Fitness Instructor.