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Inspire - Achieve - Exceed

Champagne Dance Fitness Studio is Northern Territory Owned and Operated by Kerryn Luby and her amazing Team, specialising in  ‘Alternative Fitness for Women’.

Our Classes and Courses are designed specifically for women of any age and fitness level - It’s FITNESS the FUN way !!!

Physical Benefits:

You will notice your muscles tone, especially in our “womanly problem areas” such as Arms, Back, Waist and Hips in a short time. You will also improve balance, coordination and agility as well as increased flexibility and core strength.

Emotional Benefits:

Our Classes/Courses have a deep connection with emotion, which you express through your movement. Exercising your mind about your body is a terrific way to boost your confidence and empower yourself. The physical workout boosts your endorphins 


It’s Never Boring:

Our dynamic Classes/Courses are never boring, not only do you always have new moves, you learn that you are stronger, smarter, more beautiful and more capable than you ever thought possible. 

Encouragement and Friendships:

You can take Classes/Courses with your friends or complete strangers, either way you will be surrounded by positive encouraging women in a non-judgemental environment.

Our environment creates a sense of optimism and you will establish amazing friendships.

Our group fitness classes offer a whole Studio of Workout Buddies that help motivate each other. 

New Sexy Skills:

Our Classes/Courses are in no way easy or sleazy but definitely sexy! Your new skills and toned body will amaze your friends, your significant other, but most of all YOU!


  • You DO NOT need to lose weight first.

  • You DO NOT need upper body strength to start.

  • You are NEVER too old.

  • Most Health Conditions and Physical Challenges – Moves can be modified to suit.

  • You're TOO SHY – Be assured we have women from all walks of life join us! 

You have the perfect body type to be an aerialist on the POLE or the SILKS. Instead of wishing you had a different body or were more skinny, focus on all the things that you can do with the body that you have: what part of you is strong, where are you flexible and what are your weaknesses? Appreciating what is uniquely beautiful about your body and knowing what you love about it will allow you to train your strengths, work on your weak spots and focus on cultivating your own beautiful style. There is no prerequisites when beginning the art of aerial acrobatics. You don’t need a certain shape, do 30 pull-ups on day one or know how to do the splits. However, aerial training demands constant effort and practice. So do the work and find out what amazing things you are capable of.